GW2 Review

Despite the low scoring week, where the gameweek average was just 44, I still managed to score lower than this, finishing with 37 (-4).

The injured Zaha went out, with Phillips taking his place, allowing me to (hopefully) rectify my error from the previous Friday by bringing in Lukaku for Jesus. I would have preferred Phillips rather than JWP for GW1 but couldn’t make space, so following WBA’s win against Bournemouth I was happy to make that move.


Phillips & Lukaku instantly returned points, Foster kept a surprise CS, and Eriksen continues to look a good buy. However, the team now looks to have problems all over the place following Walker’s red card, De Bruyne’s lack of anything approaching 10m value, and Ward-Prowse already suffering from rotation. But now is not the time to panic.

I saw many posts on the forums over the weekend where people were transferring out all sorts of players in a desperate rush to bring in Pogba or Mkhitaryan, with some losing De Bruyne, Mane, Salah, or Alli.

I understand the desire to catch the early price rise but felt, even at this early stage of the season where much can change quickly, that this was all too hasty. Information is key and with 30% of games still to play, I was in no hurry to make early changes.

Overall rank now sits at 2.6m+, so there is a lot of work to do, but again time to remind ourselves this is a LONG season. Do the right things and the scores will come.

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