GW 1 Review

Due to some technical errors and a lack of free time, unfortunately I’m only just getting round to this first post, so the first couple of posts will cover a summary of the first two weeks, with thoughts on GW3 to follow. However, given the state of my team after the opening 20 games, that’s probably no bad thing.

GW 1 wasn’t a disaster, but I committed fantasy suicide by going against what I knew was right, on a bit of a whim. The Wednesday prior to the opening deadline I was settled on a team. The research had been done, the endless combinations of various drafts had been put through the mill, and I was happy. Until Friday PM when I had ‘one more look’.

That look cost me 24 points.


The lure of the extra 1m by moving Lukaku to Jesus, allowing for Kompany & Salah to become Walker & Eriksen was too much, and just like that I’d hit the save button.

When Lukaku scored his second, I knew I was in trouble, and a final score of 57 (overall rank of 2m) confirmed my fears, despite some positives from other areas of the team.

I found myself cursing my own recklessness and last minute tinkering, with just one saving grace: there are 37 weeks still to go.

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