GW25 Review – Groundhog day

Another disappointing week. Another average score. A green arrow of 8,000 places, roughly. It’s all becoming a bit dull, actually, and at the moment I feel I’m writing the same thing each week.

54 points was OK in a week where I don’t think anyone really exploded, but I’m just treading water. Feel like I’m just waiting for the blanks/doubles to come around, and what I really need to do is think about the next 4/5 weeks and how I want to play those.

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Boots are laced – GW25

So many real life transfers, and speculation of transfers. It’s all gone a bit crazy and that’s how my head has felt the last couple of days. Despite trying out quite a few options, even yesterday I still wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.

One side of me was saying “Sanchez is the ultimate differential, with your rank you should definitely get him in” and the other was saying “But he’s expensive, and I don’t want to drop Mahrez and Otamendi to get him”. Continue reading

Predicted scores – GW25

I know this article has been missing for a few weeks. That’s not because I lost faith in it, more that I just haven’t had the time. Going forward I’ll be making this a weekly article again.

Anyway, back to it. For those that are new to this formula, the explanation behind the maths are here and here.

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GW24 Review – Bad luck?

Well I did say in the boots are laced article that I felt uneasy about feeling positive, and so it proved!

56 (-4) this week, and a small red (only 16k places) to 380k overall. That’s still pretty disgusting though and the last two weeks have been very disappointing, which many would say are down to my own errors. Last week it was the sale of Son as he returned 12, and this week it was Hazard that I sold, and he came in with 16.

I’ll accept the Son move was a little premature, but as I said last week, that wasn’t just a move for Lingard but also a movement of funds to allow for greater strength across the squad. As for Hazard, what can you do? Chelsea have been awful for weeks, and he’d only scored one goal (a pen) in the last 8 gameweeks. I feel pretty hard done by, but it’s classic Hazard, really. At least his replacement -Mahrez – scored to soften the blow.

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